Available Tools


To install the extension download Extension Manager Command Line tool (ExManCmd).

ExManCmd /install {path to pype-setup}/repos/avalon-core/avalon/photoshop/extension.zxp


When you launch Photoshop you will be met with the Workfiles app. If dont have any previous workfiles, you can just close this window.

In Photoshop you can find the tools in the Avalon extension:


You can show the extension panel by going to Window > Extensions > Avalon.


When you have created an image you want to publish, you will need to create special groups or tag existing groups. To do this open the Creator through the extensions Create button.


With the Creator you have a variety of options to create:

  • Check Use selection (A dialog will ask whether you want to create one image per selected layer).
    • Yes.
      • No selection.
        • This will create a single group named after the Subset in the Creator.
      • Single selected layer.
        • The selected layer will be grouped under a single group named after the selected layer.
      • Single selected group.
        • The selected group will be tagged for publishing.
      • Multiple selected items.
        • Each selected group will be tagged for publishing and each layer will be grouped individually.
    • No.
      • All selected layers will be grouped under a single group named after the Subset in the Creator.
  • Uncheck Use selection.
    • This will create a single group named after the Subset in the Creator.


When you are ready to share some work, you will need to publish. This is done by opening the Pyblish through the extensions Publish button.


This tool will run through checks to make sure the contents you are publishing is correct. Hit the "Play" button to start publishing.

You may encounter issues with publishing which will be indicated with red squares. If these issues are within the validation section, then you can fix the issue. If there are issues outside of validation section, please let the Pype team know.

Repair Validation Issues

All validators will give some description about what the issue is. You can inspect this by going into the validator through the arrow:


You can expand the errors by clicking on them for more details:


Some validator have repair actions, which will fix the issue. If you can identify validators with actions by the circle icon with an "A":


To access the actions, you right click on the validator. If an action runs successfully, the actions icon will turn green. Once all issues are fixed, you can just hit the "Refresh" button and try to publish again.



When you want to load existing published work, you can load in smart layers through the Loader. You can reach the Loader through the extension's Load button.


The supported families for Photoshop are:

  • image

To load an image, right-click on the subset you want and choose a representation:



Now that we have some images loaded, we can manage which version is loaded. This is done through the Scene Inventory. You can reach it through the extension's Manage button.


Loaded images has to stay as smart layers in order to be updated. If you rasterize the layer, you cannot update it to a different version.


You can switch to a previous version of the image or update to the latest.

Loader Loader