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Helping VFX and animation studios that lack the resources to design and maintain a major software project in-house.

We are your pipeline department, in a remote office.



From helping your TDs and production managers to complete on-site Ftrack and workflow training.


An outside, independent point of view. We’ll work with you on all fronts to get your productions running smoothly.


Experience and time is what we are selling. Whether you want to deploy our open source tools or you need a bespoke solution.


We build an open, peer-reviewed pipeline, which can be shared across studios to reduce the cost and speed up the development.

What is Pype?

Multi-platform open-source pipeline built around the Avalon platform, expanding it with extra features and integrations. Pype connects asset database, project management and time tracking into a single modular system. It has tight integration with Ftrack, but it can also run independently.

Avalon with Pype provides a safe and stable technical backbone for your studio, without the worry of a vendor lock. You will always have full access to the source and your project database will run locally.

About us

Our core team is formed from industry experts with years of production and pipeline experience. We perfectly understand the problems your studio is facing, because we’ve dealt with them, first hand, before. Instead of selling software, we offer our experience and time.

Pype Club is a Ftrack Approved Developer


Studios and projects which are continuously helping pype grow and get better.

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