Update Notes

Updating to 2.13.0



Due to changes in how tasks are stored in the database (we added task types and possibility of more arbitrary data.), we must take a few precautions when updating.

  1. Make sure that ftrack event server with sync to avalon is NOT running during the update.
  2. Any project that is to be worked on with 2.13 must be synced from ftrack to avalon with the udpated sync to avalon action, or using and updated event server sync to avalon event.

If 2.12 event servers runs when trying to update the project sync with 2.13, it will override any changes.

Nuke Studio / hiero

Make sure to re-generate pype tags and replace any task tags on your shots with the new ones. This will allow you to make multiple tasks of the same type, but with different task name at the same time.


Due to a minor update to nuke write node, artists will be prompted to update their write nodes before being able to publish any old shots. There is a "repair" action for this in the publisher, so it doesn't have to be done manually.

Updating to 2.12.0

Apps and tools


run Create/Update Custom attributes action (to update custom attributes group) check if studio has set custom intent values and move values to ~/config/presets/global/intent.json


Set true/false on application and tools by studio usage (eliminate app list in Ftrack and time for registering Ftrack ations)

Updating to 2.11.0

Maya in deadline

We added or own maya deadline plugin to make render management easier. It operates the same as standard mayaBatch in deadline, but allow us to separate Pype sumitted jobs from standard submitter. You'll need to follow this guide to update this install pype deadline

Updating to 2.9.0

Review and Burnin PRESETS

This release introduces a major update to working with review and burnin presets. They can now be much more granular and can target extremely specific usecases. The change is backwards compatible with previous format of review and burnin presets, however we highly recommend updating all the presets to the new format. Documentation on what this looks like can be found on pype main documentation page.

Multiroot and storages

With the support of multiroot projects, we removed the old storage.json from configuration and replaced it with simpler config/anatomy/roots.json. This is a required change, but only needs to be done once per studio during the update to 2.9.0. Read More

Updating to 2.7.0

Master Versions

To activate master version workflow you need to activate integrateMasterVersion plugin in the config/presets/plugins/global/publish.json

"IntegrateMasterVersion": {"enabled": true},


Make sure that intent attributes in ftrack is set correctly. It should follow this setup unless you have your custom values

"label": "Intent",
"key": "intent",
"type": "enumerator",
"entity_type": "assetversion",
"group": "avalon",
"config": {
"multiselect": false,
"data": [
{"test": "Test"},
{"wip": "WIP"},
{"final": "Final"}

Updating to 2.6.0

Dev vs Prod

If you want to differentiate between dev and prod deployments of pype, you need to add config.ini file to pype-setup/pypeapp folder with content.



You will have to log in to ftrack in pype after the update. You should be automatically prompted with the ftrack login window when you launch 2.6 release for the first time.

Event server has to be restarted after the update to enable the ability to control it via action.


There is a major change in the way how burnin presets are being stored. We simplified the preset format, however that means the currently running production configs need to be tweaked to match the new format.

Example of converting burnin preset from 2.5 to 2.6

2.5 burnin preset

"function": "text",
"text": "{dd}/{mm}/{yyyy}"
"function": "text",
"text": ""
"function": "text",
"text": "v{version:0>3}"
"function": "text",
"text": "{frame_start}-{current_frame}-{frame_end}"
"function": "text",
"text": "{asset}"
"function": "frame_numbers",
"text": "{username}"

2.6 burnin preset

"TOP_LEFT": "{dd}/{mm}/{yyyy}",
"TOP_RIGHT": "v{version:0>3}"
"BOTTOM_LEFT": "{frame_start}-{current_frame}-{frame_end}",
"BOTTOM_CENTERED": "{asset}",
"BOTTOM_RIGHT": "{username}"