Getting started with Pype

Basic use

If you have Pype installed and deployed, you can start using it. Ideally you should have Pype icon on your desktop or even have your computer set up so Pype will start automatically.

Otherwise for most common stuff there are so-called launchers - scripts you can just run from desktop shortcut or whatever and you are done. There is also manual invocation of Pype command you can use for slightly more control.


Launchers can be found in pype/launchers directory. They are basically shell scripts running Pype. You can create shortcuts on desktop for them for easy Pype launching.

Starting tray manually

Pype Tray is most common Pype command for artists. It runs Pype GUI in system tray from which you can work with Pype. To use Pype, Pype Tray must be running.

To run Pype Tray:

pype tray

or run launcher launchers/pype_tray.bat (Windows) or launchers/ (Linux)


To get more information on what's going on in Pype, you can run Tray with --debug option. This will show text console window with lots of useful information.

pype tray --debug

Advanced use

For more advanced use of Pype command please visit Admin section.